Inside and Outside Rubberlined Fire Fighting Hose

Syntex Unidur DRAGON (inside and outside rubberlined)

flame test in own test laboratory (more than 60 minutes during 900 °C without bursting)

  • inside: very smooth for minimum friction loss
  • jacket of 100 % high tenacity synthetic polyester yarn, circular woven, embedded in a rubber compound provides optimum protection of the jacket
  • special flame resistent mixture of high-quality Nitrile/PVC compound is forced through the jacket in the extrusion process (standard colour: orange; other on request)
  • outside: longitudinal ribs for excellent abrasion resistance
  • excellent heat- and flame-resistant (more than 1 hours with 900° C without burst) → perfect for fighting forest fires
  • high abrasion resistance and durability by longitudinal ribs → by trouble with a damage of the cover an easily repair is possible
  • extremely resistant to aging and ozone and UV
  • suitable for sea water, hot water, many chemicals

Technical Details

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