Uncoated Single Jacket Competition Hose

Syntex Folia (white plain)

Syntex 500 (white plain)
Ø 35 cm, weight: 4,8 kg per 15 m C/42 mm-length

Syntex Folia (white plain)
Ø 28 cm, weight: 3,6 kg per 15 m C/42 mm-length

production of seamless polyurethane film

  • inside: seamless polyurethane film, produced by the two-layer method
  • outside: jacket of 100 % high tenacity synthetic polyester yarn (colour: white plain), circular-woven twill weave, warp and weft threads multiple twisted
  • excellent as a competitive sport hose (super-light weight and small roll diameter)
  • very light and flexible hose quality
  • minimum maintenance
  • extremely resistant to aging and ozone and UV
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • temperature range from – 35 °C up to + 80 °C
  • minimum friction loss because of very smooth inner lining
  • DIN 14811:2008-01+A2:2014-08

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Technical Details

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