Industry hose outside rubberlined

Syntex Cable Protector Hose black

optional inside with drawing-in thread

production of high-quality pre-vulcanized EPDM-manchon

Product features 
Syntex Cable Protector Hose black

  • inside: 100 % high tenacity synthetic polyester yarn, circular-woven twill weave, warp threads multiple twisted
  • outside: high-quality, synthetic, black rubber based on EPDM for exellent dielectric strength (standard color: black)
  • dielectric strength: > 10.000 V
  • very flexible, thin-walled and easily to cover over the cable (optional inside with drawing-in thread)
  • ideal for bundling and insulation of cables and wires therefore ideally suitable for electrical industry, machinery and vehicle manufacturer
  • resistant to aging, to ozone and UV
  • Cold-resistant up to – 40° C
  • Heat-resistant up to + 100° C
  • 100% silicone-free

Technical details 
Syntex Cable Pro-
tector Hose black

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