25 years Ohrdrufer SchlauchWeberei – The Hose Weaving Company

From the foundation in 1993 to a leading European manufacturer of fire hose

In 1993, the Eschbach family founded the Ohrdrufer SchlauchWeberei Eschbach GmbH in Ohrdruf in Thuringia on the site of the former Ohrdrufer Netz- und Seilwerke. Initially, 20 employees began with the production and distribution of the fire hoses and industrial hoses. Over the years, demand and the variety of woven hoses has grown steadily, so that there are more than 60 employees in the hose weaving company today.

The products of OSW Eschbach are used around the globe and meet a variety of different requirements and tasks due to their high quality standards and the corresponding hose properties. In addition to the most well-known product of the OSW, the fire hose, which can be produced in all common diameters, lengths, designs and performance levels, there are also hose qualities at the Ohrdufer Schlauchweberei Eschbach GmbH, f.e. for agriculture, for irrigation as slurry application or for transport of drinking water, fuels and other media. Even with the snowmaking of ski slopes or mining with special geotextiles, our products are used.

Impressionen aus der Schlauchweberei gestern und heute

The hose weaving wants to thank you

This year, the time has come: We are celebrating our 25th anniversary! Of course, this would not have been possible without the right networking and willingness to work together, so special thanks go out

  • to our customers, who have been contributed to our success with their orders for 25 years,
  • to our employees who have been doing a great job for over 25 years to deliver quality products to our customers and
  • to our business partners, suppliers and service providers for their trust and always fair cooperation.

Of course we hope to be able to build on this company development also in the future and look forward to the next 25 years!